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The U.S. Patent and Trademark office just published a patent application for a solar power management system invented by Apple. The patent reveals a solar power panel accessory for Apple’s mobile devices that will not require a power converter. The solar power management system will work with both a power adapter and seamlessly with the solar panel accessory.

Apple has made serious commitments and investments in clean energy with about 75% of the energy Apple uses coming from renewable sources and the company has already committed to using 100% clean energy. Its data centers are already powered entirely by clean energy, which is a good thing considering it is estimated that 1.3% of the world’s entire energy is consumed by data centers. Apple means business when it comes to renewable energy; in May 2013 they hired Lisa Jackson, the former head of the federal Environmental Protection Agency as the company’s environmental chief reporting directly to CEO Tim Cook.

The fact that this is the seventh patent related to solar energy proves that the experience Apple engineers are gaining with clean energy is filtering through to the firm’s innovation and design processes. However, Apple is not the only technology company working on solar powered mobile devices. Samsung has invented its own solar power management systems and hired the engineer credited as the inventor on Apple’s most recent patent. It appears these two companies are racing to be the first to market solar powered mobile devices.

More Solar Powered Companies

Google has also committed to 100% clean energy and is investing in clean energy projects. Walmart produces more solar power than 38 states. The top 25 companies by solar capacity, installed more than 445 megawatts of solar energy over the past year, enough to power 73,400 homes.

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