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I’m sure you recognize the very famous Hollywood sign, but most people forget about the home next to the sign that sneaks in to almost every photograph.  What is that on the roof?  Yes, they are solar photovoltaic panels you see, and people are seeing them on more of their favorite places to visit.  Even the White Housewill soon don solar electric and thermal technology.

Between Christmas and New Year’s, many solar installers and manufacturers close their doors to enjoy a much needed break.  Jon and I took a trip to California to escape the cold and visit with family. It has been two years since we were last in the state, and it seems that PV has reached a critical mass.  Something we hope Massachusetts can achieve in the next 5 years.  Atop the Hollywood Hills, we could see for miles and spotted at least a dozen homes within view with solar panels.  Everywhere we looked, we couldn’t stop pointing to different installations.  To us, this was true beauty.

The Solar Energy Industries Association announced that 1,000 MW of new PV capacity was created through the third quarter of 2011, with fourth quarter results expected to be even more impressive.  This has surpassed the 887 MW of solar capacity created in all of 2010.  California still remains at the top of this list, capturing 44% of all solar installations done within the country through Q3.  The next six states with the largest market share, including Massachusetts, secured 45% of market share.  All eyes are on Massachusetts as one of the states to watch for 2012.

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