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Nissan’s first all-electric commercial vehicle, the e-NV200, will go on sale in October 2014 at Nissan dealers throughout Japan, the company announced this week.

Based on the Nissan NV200, a multipurpose commercial van, the e-NV200 combines the interior roominess of the NV200 with the acceleration performance and quietness of an electric vehicle (EV). The new e-NV200 also has 5 and 7-seat Wagon versions, which can be utilized as passenger vehicles.

With the inclusion of a hydraulic brake system, the vehicle’s regenerative braking can work more effectively, enabling a driving range of 185 to 190 km (≈115 to 118 mi) on a full charge (on JC08 mode).

With its on-board power outlets, the e-NV200 can supply electrical power remotely, giving it added utility in the field as a mobile power source. Two power outlets (100V) that can draw a total of a maximum of 1,500W of power from the battery are installed in the front-seat side and the cargo area. The driver can manually set the remaining battery level. By having the power supply stop automatically at a predetermined level, the driver ensures that the vehicle has enough energy stored within the main battery pack for the ride home.

The new e-NV200 has a low center of gravity thanks to the vehicle’s main battery pack being placed under the floor. This helps to reduce vehicle instability when cornering and improves steering response. Power consumption is reduced on cold days via a heated steering wheel and Quick Comfort Seat Heater for the front seats, obviating the need to heat the whole cabin, and both come as standard equipment on the e-NV200.

The e-NV200 is Nissan’s second mass-market, all-electric model available globally, following the Nissan LEAF, which has now sold more than 115,000 units worldwide.

The e-NV200 Japan market sales target is 500 units per month. Prices range from ¥3,880,440 to ¥4,786,560 (≈$37,800 to $46,600), including consumption tax.

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