‘Aeroblades’ Street Lights by CREE 0

Cree has launched ‘Aeroblades,’ a series of luminaries based on the patented BetaLED technology and NanoOptic lighting control. Aeroblades have a challenging design, which is both aesthetic and also highly energy efficient. Designed with Spiers + Major to give it an ultra modern sleek look, the lights are nothing like shoebox and cobra heads, which was the face of traditional lights.

The slick looks of luminaires is not the only plus point, it’s the performance that is most lucrative. Versatility and precision is imparted to the luminaires through a modular design and ultra light engine. Even the thermal management system enjoys the innovative status. It enables one amp operation, delivers higher lumen output, which boosts durability of the fewer LEDs, maintaining their efficacy and consistency.

These Aeroblades will initially be available in about 300 combinations, giving you free will of customizing them to suit your needs. Also they are available in four to six blade version, four color temperatures, 20 optical distributors, two pole mount and wall mount version as well. The versatility and ingenious luminaries will take LED technology way past the traditional as a pioneering landmark.

Via: Cree

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