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On the eve of the Presidential Debate, the polls are in and America has spoken in an overwhelming and unified voice — they want more solar in the U.S. and they support government policies that will encourage development and expansion of solar energy in the United States.

A national poll released today from SEIA by Hart Research Associates, an independent polling firm, shows continued overwhelming voter support for solar energy as well as for government incentives and policies for solar regardless of party or demographics.

Vote YES for Solar
Nine of 10 voters (92%) believe it is important for the United States to develop and use solar power. In fact, it’s something both the majority of Democrats and Republicans agree on! A nearly unanimous 92% of voters feel it is very important (58%) or somewhat important (34%) for the United States to develop and use solar power, including 93% of swing voters.  Democrats and independents are nearly uniform in their agreement (98% and 95% important, respectively), and 84% of Republicans also agree.

Energy Is a Hot-Button Issue
With a wide range of electoral issues on the table, issues related to energy are important to American voters, with 74% saying that energy is one of the most important or very important issues as they think about the candidates for president and other federal and state offices this year. It’s slightly behind government spending (90%), Medicare reform (81%), and education (80%).

Voters Want to See More Government Support of Solar
Voters express broad agreement that solar development is an appropriate and desired investment for government, with a strong majority of voters saying the federal government should be doing more than it currently is to promote solar power.  Seven in 10 voters, including 72% of swing voters, say the federal government should be doing more (16% favor continuing its current policies and 14% prefer to see the government doing less).  This mirrors the 69% of all voters (and 71% of swing voters) who say the government is currently not doing enough to promote solar power.  Noteworthy: This consensus holds up across age, education, and racial boundaries.

Popular Opinion: Solar Trumps All Other Energy Sources
Voters identify solar as the energy source they are most eager to have the federal government and U.S. policy support through tax credits and financial incentives.  In fact, when presented with eight different forms of energy that the federal government should encourage (in addition to the option of saying none), 64% of voters, including 67% of swing voters, say that solar should be on that list (the next highest is wind power at 57%).

Seeing the Light
Reservations about solar energy center primarily on affordability and practicality. The results of this poll tell the story — America supports solar in a big way from the bottom up and from the top down. The apprehension lies in the misconception that solar is not affordable or practical. We are here to shatter those myths and tell you the truth — solar is the real deal! It’s affordable, reliable, and it works everywhere in the US. Join us for a future #SolarChat and see for yourself!

Americans Vote for Solar

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