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Solar energy has become a major source of energy production all over the world. This ecofriendly energy is most preferred as it offers enormous amount of energy for free of cost that can be used to produce high amount of energy if utilized effectively. The Solar energy concept, since its evolution, has been the most popular way of energy production.

These days solar energy is used at a rapid rate to generate electricity and to meet the needs of growing population. There are new technologies being developed every day to utilize the most out of this energy and some of the famous companies have come with awesome ideas. The solar energy can be used at large scale effectively without much hassle.

Here is a a list of top seven projects which is using solar energy on a grand scale.

1. Dunster Castle, UK

Dunster is one of the famous places in UK which is using this technology on a large scale for years. They have tried new ways and have succeeded to capture and use the solar energy at larger scale. It is estimated that around 15-20% of the energy used by the people of Dunster castle is developed using solar devices. People have realized the importance of nature and have taken steps toward its improvement by going for solar energy devices.

2. Strizki House, New Jersey, US

US is always known for trying something new in every field and every time they give it a try, they come up with something that is remarkably awesome. It has started using solar energy at large scale and this place called the Strizki House is one of their operations to use the most out of the sun’s energy. This cool white house is constructed with solar panels on every part of it. The windows, roof, doors are all covered with solar panels to capture the solar energy on a large scale and produce optimum amount of solar energy that can be used for some useful purpose.

3. Edificio Telefonica Tower

This huge building of Spain is a real example of ecofriendliness and this building is known to produce high amount of energy by using sun’s solar energy. This building is situated in Madrid and is one of the most beautiful buildings ever made. The classic looks with traditional touch and the idea of using renewable energy, makes this building an awesome masterpiece. This building is actually a telecom company building which consists of plenty of solar panels implanted on the windows and roofs to use the solar energy effectively.

4. Dana Building, Michigan

This University building of Michigan is completely covered with the solar panels all over it. The solar panels on the roof are made in the shape of stack implemented over each other which gives it a stunning look. This cool idea of the university is highly appreciated and other universities are following this trend now. This building is capable of producing about 30 kilowatt-hours of energy. This was actually a research project but later was decided to implement to use the sun’s solar energy efficiently.

5. Four Times Square, New York

The Four Times Square building is a complete masterpiece and is known for its unique design and its ecofriendly way of using the solar energy. This tall building has 48-storeyes and each of them is implanted with solar panels to generate large quantity of solar energy for a greener use. The films implanted on the walls of the buildings are made thin for easy and comfortable generation of energy. This building is a living example of creativity with an idea of saving the future of Earth.

6. Pocking Solar Park, Germany

Germany has always tried to make the best of the best and this cool concept of capturing the solar energy on a large scale is completely awesome. They have constructed a huge solar park just to use the maximum of the solar energy to light up the houses. This is one of the largest solar cell arrays in the world and the way they are all arranged, it looks stunning. This huge pocking solar park is estimated to produce 10 MW of electricity which is enough to light up 3300 houses in Germany. This park has become and inspiration and other countries have started working to create such parks to harness the solar energy to the maximum extent.

7. Beneixama Solar Plant, Spain

Another huge solar park is constructed in Beneixama, Spain, which is considered to be one of the largest Solar park ever constructed in the history of the world. This solar park is constructed on a land that extends up to 500,000 square meters. The park is completely made up of solar cell arrays and has almost 100,000 solar panels covering the huge area. This plant was completed in 2007 and since then has been developed every year with new technology to harness the solar energy to maximum extent. At present this solar park generates 20 Mw of power.

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