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Throughout the last year, many of the wealthiest companies around the globe put millions of company dollars towards environmental preservation projects.  As many industrial fields look into “greener” methods of production and operations, they have also donated funding to charitable efforts that promote sustainability, reduce pollution, and protect wildlife.  Looking back at six of the top companies that invested the most money and research into sustainability projects during 2012, one can see that the trend of “going green” is growing stronger than ever at the corporate level.

BT Group

BT Group in Britain focuses on the field of telecommunications, and it was one of the first companies to implement investment and research efforts about environmental preservation and sustainability at the corporate level.  After starting to monitor its carbon footprint about two decades ago, the company has reduced this value by nearly two-thirds, and it has invested in the production of home communciations products that now cuts energy use in half as compared to earlier models of similar technology.

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The National Australia Bank

The National Australia Bank is a prime example of one of the world’s greenest companies in 2012 through their implementation of corporate social responsibility projects.  After meeting carbon neutrality standards a few years ago, the company has achieved a threefold increase over the last five years in their investment levels towards projects with green energy sources, such as gas and wind power.  Another of the National Australia Bank’s key investments has been updating workplace technology and office buildings, such that the lighting, heating, and techonology systems can be more energy-efficient.

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IBM is an information technology company that invests in energy-efficient product development.  Their program “Smarter Planet” produces products that reduce the consumption of energy and other resources.  This green approach to information technology is also reflected in many of their pollution reduction projects:  for example, in their headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, IBM recycles the water that used to maintain a supercomputer’s cool temperature by using it to heat the surrounding buildings.

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Bradesco in Brazil has stood out against other finanical companies in 2012 in particular for its preservation work in forest ecosystems:  the company not only maintains a charity that protects over 10 hectares of forest in the Amazonian region, but has also donated over $50 million for a project that to plant 30 million trees in the Atlantic Forest.

Visit bradesco.com.br for more information on Bradesco


Wipro, an information technology company based in India, is investing funds into a corporate social responsibility project that will convert five of its headquarters around the globe into “biodiversity zones” by the year 2015.  The company also invests in its sustainability project “earthen,” which teaches young students about how to protech and improve the environment through interactive team projects at schools.

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Satander is another Brazillian financial company that makes our list of top investors in environmental preservation projects.  Last year, the company invested over 170 million Euros in sustainability initiatives such as education about wildlife and enviroment projects, the support of research and innovation, and funding green entrepreneurship. The company does not stop at investments and self-improvement projects: it has invested into the development of a new customer environmental advising program that has improved the knowledge of environmentally-friendly practices within their client base as well.

Visit santander.co.uk for more information on Satander

Though these companies may have been some of the top spenders worldwide in the field of environmental preservation projects, they are certainly not alone.  Rather, their investments and projects are reflective of a greater, greener trend that is building around the world.  By analyzing environmental data resources and working with consultants to develop sustainability programming and charitable donation schemes at the corporate level, companies are taking new steps to minimize their negative impact on the environment.

Guest post by contributing author, Richard O., written on behalf of Environmental Data Resources Inc. EDR offers a wide array of services, including Commonground, which is a social networking community for environmental consultants and commercial real estate professionals.

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