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Remember when you had to call different airlines to find the best airfare? Or comb the Sunday paper looking for ads promising a cheap flight to your favorite destination? Sure, you could have used a travel agent – for a fee. And then came Expedia.com, who rocked your world and sent you flying anywhere for the best price with no additional fees. Suddenly a massive headache was taken out of traveling.

That’s the thinking behind today’s announcement about One Block Off the Grid. We’ve partnered with major industry heavyweights – SolarCity, OneRoof, SunEdison, SunRun, and Clean Power Finance – to bring you a multitude of options that will help you go solar in the best way possible.

No matter how hard the industry tries, going solar is complicated. Heck, even taking that first step to figure out if you even should go solar is weirdly hard – figuring out which way the sun hits your roof or how much sun will be blocked by those trees your kids love to climb. We are good at helping you figure all that stuff out, and our partners know that.

Since we started in 2008, you have been our priority – and you still are. Finding the best way to get panels on your roof has always been our mission. We literally gather around each others’ computers in excitement when we see posts from homeowners on our Facebook page and blog who are so thrilled about their experience that they can’t help but want to shout it from the rooftops.

Now, we are finally able to build this incredible new way for you to find the best solar options for your home. Here’s what this means for you:

  • We can now offer an array (pun intended) of the absolute best deals in solar, whether you’re interested in saving money or time, buying or leasing.
  • Our solar consultants are independent and neutral. We are still all about you and only you.
  • We walk you through your options, even those detailed contracts, and you get to decide what’s best for you.
  • You will, always and forever, get the best deal possible. (Did we mention that?)

If you have any questions, comments are open! Or you can email me at ashley (at) 1bog (dot) org. It’s a new world in solar, folks, and we are super excited to be part of it.

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