$16 Million For “Off Grid Electric” From SolarCity 0

off grid electric“Off Grid Electric” explains that it delivers 50 times more light for less money than the norm in the markets it serves. The people it supplies are often using kerosene lamps to light their homes.

Furthermore, it is more than light that these people need. Pre-pay solar energy from Off Grid Electric gives them electricity to charge their phones and run other electronics, such as computers — something a kerosene lamp certainly cannot do.

Off Grid Electric has raised $16 million thanks to investors such as the similarly pioneering SolarCity. Off Grid Electric founder Xavier Helgesen has hope that the company will eventually “light a billion people’s lives.” The $16 million is to help grow Off Grid Solar’s pre-pay solar in Africa (starting at $6) from its existing customer base of 25,000 to 100,000. Considering these people average $700 (income) a year, this is a much better option than traveling long distances to be charged too much money to charge their phones while also paying for expensive and harmful fuel for kerosene lamps.

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