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solar mythsDon’t think solar works for you? You could be wrong! A lot of myths swirl around solar energy that prevent people from making a well-informed decision about whether it’s right for them. PURE Energies, an NRG Home Solar Company, tackled 10 of the biggest myths about solar energy that you SHOULDN’T believe. I’ve added one of my own, because it’s the one that initially most got in my way when I was thinking about going solar.

Myth 1 – I should wait until solar technology gets more efficient. Solar technology actually hasn’t changed much since the 1960s. In fact, it’s one of the most stable technologies we can use. That, plus the 30 percent federal solar tax credit and many state incentive programs, make solar a technology worth installing right now.

Myth 2 – Solar doesn’t work when it’s cool, cloudy or foggy. Solar panels still produce significant energy when it’s foggy, chilly, or overcast. Surprising fact: solar panels on a rooftop in cool and foggy San Francisco produce only one percent less electricity than those on a rooftop in hot, sunny Sacramento.

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