100K Solar LED Bulbs Light Up Tokyo 1

LED lighting installations are probably one of the most universally loved and accepted green technology. They became popular pretty quickly to a point where they have now become common place and that obviously is a good thing. It just shows that you not only need green solutions, but ones that actually can match and better existing technology in performance. And 100,000 LED bulbs that are just 3-inches long and floating across a river are truly a spectacle to watch. Add to that the super perigee moon and the Tokyo Sky Tree and you well and truly have a photographer’s delight.

The Tokyo Hotaru Festival 2012 is a modern way of celebrating the old Japanese tradition of watching Fireflies move over lakes and rivers. Japanese culture and tradition seem to have plenty of tales about the ‘magical’ Fireflies and over 100,000 blue LED bulbs floated down the Sumida in Tokyo to try and mimic the movement of the fireflies. Apart of from the energy saving and efficiency capabilities of the LED bulbs, all of the 100,000 were apparently charged using solar power and that obviously makes this whole venture all the more better.

It is obviously a sight to behold and as the time-lapse video below will show you, it was a display that attracted not just people from all corners of Japan, but shutter bugs from various parts of the world. And for those who are worried about the wastage of material, all the bulbs were collected using nets downstream so that they can be reused whenever needed. Green and grand, this is a celebration that is truly close to nature!

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